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You may know me from a Dubcraft, Wubcraft or RebootMC, I decided to quit server stuff a couple of months ago as I was going through a lot of IRL problems and it was best for me to depart from said servers.

However, now I am back and I have teamed up with an awesome friend and developer to bring some of these insane ideas and build the best experience from the ground up.

If you are from a previous server feel free to sign up and introduce yourself if you will be joining my new adventure into the factions game mode.

During this time that we are creating the server we need player input, tell us what you love about the factions game mode and what sucks so we can do our best to bring out the best possible server that we can.

More information about this project will be released soon and we are both extremely excited and motivated to bring the players some awesome content.

If you have any queries about anything mentioned in this thread, feel free to message me at any time.

Please note that the name of the server has not been finalized, this means that it could change at anytime.

  1. Will our ranks/perks be transferred?
    Answer: No previous donator perks will be transferred to this server.
  2. Can I see your progress?
    Answer: Keep an eye out for updates we will post, you will not be whitelisted.
  3. When is it releasing?
    Answer: We don't have any details as of right now, stay tuned.
Thanks guys,
- Tizakk