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James F/Voltunix | Staff Application

Discussion in 'Helper Applications' started by James F, Feb 13, 2018.

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  1. James F

    James F New Member

    Feb 13, 2018
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    Minecraft Username: Voltunix
    NameMC Profile: https://namemc.com/profile/Voltunix.1
    NameMC Profile (ALT): https://namemc.com/name/GettinqGamer
    Current Age: 17
    Timezone/Country: GMT / Ireland
    Average Daily Hours: I presume this means online. I have never joined the server but plan to spend 4 - 6 hour online daily. I have plenty of time nowadays.
    Month Joined Drift: February
    Faction Name(s): N/A

    Question 1: Have you ever been punished or banned on Drift? If so, why - and why should this not affect your chances?
    Answer: I have not therefore this question does not apply to me.

    Question 2: From everything you’ve learned about this position, players and our server, tell us how you feel you’d make a contribution.
    Answer: Yet again I have not played on the server and I'm relatively new. I knew LegendDev quite awhile ago almost three years ago i'd say and I was helper on his server named LegendCentral. I learnt a lot about being a staff member and have matured over the years and so I feel i'd make a great addition to the staff-team.

    I have plenty of experience with moderation, administration and management positions mainly due to the fact of owning my own large scale network named DistrictNetwork. This server had an average of 80 players daily and a max of 120. I developed and managed the forums, buycraft and community so I learnt how to deal with great pressure and how to work hard under time limits.

    My strengths: I feel I am quite confident and will display my thoughts on certain topic clearly and ensure my opinion is head professionally. I also feel that I have a very clear head and judge every member equally. I try my best not to cloud judgement when it comes to friends, family and other members on servers that I am staff on.

    My weaknesses: Everyone has weaknesses it's just hard to admit them and i'd have to say mine is definitely when it comes to speaking to multiple people at one time. I have faced this before and got through it but not perfectly and this is something i feel i can improve over my time of being staff here on rift.

    Question 3: If you could start as a new player again, what would you do differently? What mistakes were made, and what have you learned?
    Answer: I have not played riftmc therefore this question does not apply to me.

    Question 4: Do you frequently use our Drift Discord and have a working microphone?
    Answer: I am new to the discord server but I always have my discord open on my PC and my phone whenever I am out. I do have a working mic and enjoy interacting with communities.

    Question 5: Do you have any previous experience with moderation/staffing on servers?(tell us about it if you have)
    Answer: Yes i have a fairly large moderation and administration experience. This is a list of what I can remember:

    District Network : District Network was my first server that i created and required me to be ready to dedicate time to a lot of players at one time. This server had a pb of around 80 - 120 members. This was a huge network consisting of 2 pvp servers, 2 faction servers and a sky block server. My friend at the time Cominq was also owner of this server with me. I gained lots of experience on here with talking to people and solving issues asap. I feel my most gained skill on here would definitely be communication skills for i was solving issues via support rooms which required a lot of time in and out of team speak.

    Blast Network : Blast was a server that i owned after being invited to co-own it with a friend. Blast was not very successful and had a pb of about 30 members. This did not last long due to lack of advertisement and in general bad quality servers. at this time i was still quite young and therefore i had so much to learn and i personally feel I have learnt a lot from owning both of these servers and having such a high rank. Of course there is always space to learn more and i do learn more everyday when on different servers even just playing.

    Legend Central : Legend was a very successful factions server that i played a few years ago and i really enjoyed game play on their so i decided to apply for staff. I got helper rank and played their for quite awhile before eventually leaving due to the server having a lack of updates. I'm sure some can understand that it's hard to dedicate a lot of time to the one game mode when theres nothing changing and nothing attracting new members every day. I learnt a lot of patience on here for at times it was stressful due to wanting to do more for the server but my rank as quite low so i was sorta in the shadows. I feel I can help RiftMC with LegendDev again and I feel this server will grow to a larger scale

    TheHyperNova : I was helper on the hypernova for a month or so i think it wasn't a very eventful job for me personally for there was not much to do due to the server being in beta. Beta wasn't a very eventful phase and to be honest the old owners seemed a bit out of it with what to do. There was quite a few issues with beta which is to be expected but it didn't really go very well and beta ended fast with a new owner being put into the team and the other owner dropping to manager before eventually leaving. I think it was really just dedication issues but i can't judge that really. I did gain quite a bit of experience on the hypernova with learning about reading my first ever hand staff booklet and realizing there was so so so much more to moderating a server and having a proper website to part with that and being active on all platforms etc.. Hyper nova was a big wake up call and required a lot of work but was really worth it, i was not the best staff member back then and i feel i myself have improved after quite a few months.

    StrideZone: StrideZone was one of the final servers i myself tried to create. Stride was another factions server i wanted to make for other people but it didnt end well for the pb was around 15 - 20 for we didn't advertise. I did not really gain any experience on here but i did deal with ddosers, doxers and got doxxed myself. This woke me up and i learnt about protecting servers better and my information better in general.

    Hyversal: Hyversal was a hcf server i applied for and learnt a bit about hcf and ssing (still terrible at it) but it was quite the experience. I was demoted off Hyversal for inactivity when i had some family issues that i had to deal with. Nothing much to say about hyversal for it was not a game mode i often played nor enjoyed.

    Question 6: What issues / situations frustrate you the most on Drift?
    Answer: N/A

    Question 7: Why should we choose you as staff over somebody else?
    Answer: Personally i consider myself a very friendly person with a i guess bubbly personality, by this i mean i can be funny when i want and often i'm quite friendly and approachable via discord and the forums but when it comes to serious topics i can be a very serious person and often tend to make sure things are completely solved so it cannot arise again for that annoys me. I've worked for legenddev before and i gained some great experience and interaction but that was quite some time ago and i admit i was fairly immature and did not take orders the best way i could have. I'm now determined to show the true me after a break from minecraft and finishing my final year of school. My interests are mainly art and music, art is more of a fun thing to do for me when bored or i have free time. Drawing isnt exactly my thing it's more crafting and designing 3D Models of items that actually turn out pretty nice in my opinion, when it comes to music it really is a passion for me. I currently play the ukulele along with singing and my very own album with my choir is releasing December the 1st :D, this was a huge accomplishment that i'm very proud of and something that my old self would not have been able to do, i guess i'm trying to prove i have changed when it comes to social interaction and taking orders which i feel the best way to show would be by having another chance on the team!

    Question 8: Is there any other information you might think is useful for us to know / is there anything else we should know?
    Answer: N/A Thanks for reading my application
  2. Varoux

    Varoux New Member

    Dec 7, 2017
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    Your answer to Question 5 contains plagiarism, multiple applications submitted to other servers contain the same server experience word for word. You either copied this, or someone has copied yours which is clearly not the case. This application was posted after the others, which is a clear give away this was copied.
  3. James F

    James F New Member

    Feb 13, 2018
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    Hello, thanks for responding and showing concern about question 5. Yes I have used this answer on I believe two or three other applications that I have made in the past. The reason is not that it's not mine it is I wrote it and it states all the experience I have so the message wouldn't be any different on this server than it is on any other because that is my experience. Thanks again.

    Note: LegendDev can vouch for me working on LegendCentral/DistrictNetwork and I can try my best to provide proof of the other servers.
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